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Fighting the Red Menace -  Volumes 1&2 (eBooks)

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‘And they think it’s all over… ’  Well it nearly was until Sean got stationed in West Germany - Two Worlds Wars, a World Cup and The Berlin Wall could not stand in the way of Britain’s new secret weapon - Sean Connolly – the soldier who thought Detente was a kind of toothpaste and whose purpose was to warm up the cold war and teach the nasty Ruskies a thing or two. Yes it’s time once again to thrill to the amusing adventures of Bombardier Sean Connolly amidst the Red Peril and discover 101 uses for a Bratwurst and that a Herforder isn’t actually someone who lives in Herford!

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(Fiction. 329pages)

"Sgt. Sledge is rough, tough and bad, a young man of principles - his own principles. A man with no respect for authority - so what the hell's he doing in the Army? - He's about to be thrown out - that's what! "

It is the dream of most soldiers to be the best. To join an elite fighting force and be able to perform in any theatre of war is the goal of most British squaddies. With it come respect, honour, comradeship and greater courage.

PERSTO TROOP is made up of some of the best and most experienced soldiers in the British Army… and four delinquents. The latter are about to be dishonourably discharged but someone, somewhere sees their potential and they are offered the lifeline of joining this new elite force. They must now endure the rigours of harsh training that will either make or break them.

Told in the style of a fictional autobiography, Gunners & Grenades, has humour as well as action and follows the ‘nitty-gritty’ of the everyday life of a young soldier in the 1980’s as he grows from misfit to a true leader, covering his exploits from bars to battle and sex to secret operations which culminate in explosive action with the kidnapping of a Sultan’s Daughter at The Edinburgh Tattoo and the race against time to rescue her.

For ‘Sledge’, our delinquent soldier and his mates, this is both a final chance and a dream come true.

The question is, can they live up to the dream?


This is a trilogy of autobiographical and often humourous books detailing the exploits of Bombardier, Sean Connolly. The Country of Belize forms the amazingly colourful landscape to his novels. Why the British Army were and still are there, stretches credulity - but then why the British Army are anywhere can be a little confusing. Let's just say that for a young squaddie - the idea of a posting to this Carribean Country seemed like a dream come true - '...for like many soldiers I saw it for what it was - one long wild holiday - Club 18-30 with guns… but then it was more than that!'

Book 1 - 'Warning Order Belize’ (eBook)

Book 1a

With the nation’s military interests lying deep in the jungles of Belize, there is one military force that surely even the Ministry of Defence wouldn’t consider sending.

A ‘warning order’ for a six month fully operational tour of the Caribbean was issued by the Battery Commander and the training began. With the journey leading up to the beginning of April 1982 came the misery of training in freezing conditions for a deployment in a very hot climate. This was typical of the British army and so was the decision to send one hundred trained lunatics running around in dense jungle, armed with live ammunition. And they called this the solution? 

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Warning Order Belize (Audiobook)

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Read by brilliant voice actor Jason Mills

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Book 2 - 'Muck 'n' Bullets’ (eBook)

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Belize, Central America. This is Sean's time to shine. His gun-crew have just won the coveted Regimental Gun Competion. 

Now is the time for some real soldiering, including over-indugence in the poisonous local drink 'green stripe', the accidental destruction of the Warden's new hut with a grenade launcher, revenge on a football team for winning, escapades in 'Bobby's Bar', and the export of frozen tarantulas. 

B.A.O.R. makes M.A.S.H look serious!

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Book 3 - 'White Knuckle Airways’ (eBook)

Book 3

Halfway up the mountain Sean looks at Sgt. Major Chindits pallor and can see that he is not a well man. The Puma helicopter is grounded and has been rendered unserviceable. But the crucial supplies must reach the observation post at the top of Saddleback Mountain. Sean shouldn’t be trying to rehydrate the Sergeant Major in these scorching temperatures; he should be throwing him off the side of the mountain. Chindit had recently charged Sean and it had cost him  another stain on his military record. Why should he help him now? 

Amidst escapades including windsurfing with bull-sharks, biting the heads off chickens, insulting the memory of Bob Marley, causing a riot, breaking a toe on a frog, an intriqueing Guatemalen girl and the near death experience of a dislocated finger, Bombadier Sean Connolly brings his memoirs of The British Army on the Rampage to its climactic conclusion and finally leaves the poor people of Belize in peace!

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B.A.O.R (Large Paperback)

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The New Autobiographical Book…


Available as Paperback (£5.99) eBook (£2.99)

Escaping the violent abuse of home Sean decides to join the Army. But it is out of the frying pan and into the fire as the boy soldier encounters some of the nastiest sadists the British Army has to offer!

And when the boy becomes a man, that man is  intent on revenge… but will he end up becoming like all those people he has come to  despise?

“Bleeding on my Father’s carpet was the least of my worries, getting into the British army was my biggest concern.” I had decided that the only way out of the violence from my home-life was to enrol as a Junior Soldier as soon as I was sixteen. But it was out of the frying pan and into the fire, because the Army had grossly underestimated the number of wannabe artillery soldiers for that year and had to whittle down 900 to just 200. The way they did this was brutal, cruel and dangerous.

This tale blows the lid off  the life of a junior soldier in the British Army during the 1970’s. It is a harrowing emotional journey that rises from the ashes of despair to prove that the human spirit can transcend bullying and abuse and find humour and reconciliation in even the darkest hours. 

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